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How To Place an Order for Fresh Flowers

Simply peruse the flower and greenery categories from the home page -

Look at the flowers that interest you - From there you are able to see how many stems are in each bunch and what the price is, this will greatly aid your decision making. As you progress through the online checkout you will come across a "comments" box, in here please put any special requests that you may have - or to specify a colour or colour choices.

Choose the date that you need to have the flowers delivered ( Pick up of the flowers directly from us is also an option that is available - you'll see this in the check out process ) .

Orders should be placed 7 -10 days in advance. All orders / supply are subject to grower availability and supply at the time - if supply is an issue we will be in touch Flowers aren't a manufactured item, growers can only pick the flowers that are blooming at the time of harvesting, so placing an order months in advance doesn't really make any difference, unless the volume is so large that we need to give growers advance warning. If orders are placed for a short - time frame ..i.e the next day, then we are restricted to the flowers we have on hand from that days market - but we do carry a remarkable range :)

If you place your order more than 10 days in advance we reserve the right to charge the then current price as listed on our website should the market price change.

Frequently asked questions

Can you give me quote now for flowers needed months out ?

Flower prices are determined by supply and demand - via an auction system, the prices change daily as the supply changes daily. We can give you an estimate to help with your budgeting but firm quotes will only be given 10 days out from required date.

Can I order now - months out - to make sure I get them flowers I need ? I wouldn't want to miss out !

Flowers aren't manufactured - they flower and then they are gone, can't pick the same flower twice, so ordering now won't make a difference. Mother Nature will determine when the flowers bloom - sunlight and temperature play a large part in this. The largest determining factor is still the growers - if they don't plant the crop you are after then there is nothing to pick :)

In the flower availability chart linked on the home page it shows more than you have listed online.

Correct - the items listed online are the more popular items and they are also the ones that have more consistent production. They are easier to guarantee supply on.

Can I come in and buy directly from your shop ?

Sure you can ! we carry a wide range of flowers in our coolstores. You can choose from what we have on hand at the time - obviously not all colours of all flowers can be in stock all of the time as orders go out contstantly. But you are able to visualise and choose from what is in front of you at the time. This is a great way to shop especially if you have flexibility in the flowers you can use.

Where is your shop ?

On the home page of our website you will see a tab that leads you to the address and opening days / Times

Can you arrange the flowers into a bouquet and put some nice wrapping around them ?

Sorry - no. As wholesalers we supply bunches for you to use as needed. If you require bouquets or arrangements we suggest you go to a florist.

How can I get my flower to last overnight ? - I need them looking good on the day of the event.

If flowers only lasted one day florists wouldn't be in existence :) ... When you receive your flowers take them out of the box, Remove the plastic grower sleeve around the flowers - re cut ( trim ) the bottom of the stem, place in fresh water. Keep out of direct sunlight / away from heat / gas appliances / draught. A nice cool room or garage is ideal.


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